About Mclassy Luxury

About Mclassy Luxury

 MclassyLuxury Enterprise is an international e-commerce store that deals on different items. Their main feed is jewelleries (Accessories).Diamonds of different grade and types, most especially moissanite Diamond. The fast selling top gemstone in the market today.

They also deal on golds and other original silver steel jewelry.

Mclassy started in the year 2016 small in joint with an online store called keels & Jew. Their name then was Mimi’s Accessories. The business grow over time that they officially registered their own company in the year 2021 with the official name Mclassy Luxury Enterprise. 

The website which is Popularly known as MclassyLuxury was Launched in the year 2021 October 6th and they are known for their transparency in business and quality items.

They are located in Bulgaria and have a warehouse in Netherland, China, Nigeria, Hong Kong and United State Of America 

Also they deal on eyelashes in bulk orders(wholesalers) and other beauty products in a different website. “If you’d like to get more information on that please contact them directly .

So many people have given reviews and praise on their products which makes it special and great!

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